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Murrieta Camp Schedule- Summer 2024.

Explore Archery Camp
June 3-7th,   June 10-14th,   July 15-19th
All archery camps meet Mon-Fri 10am – 12noon  Fee $125
Description:  Entertaining, informative and exciting introduction to the sport of target archery. Your child will learn about the history and development of this sport, all while learning to safely shoot a bow and arrow. Ideal for beginner thru intermediate level archers.  Your child will play cool archery games and earn achievement awards.  All equipment provided.  For Kids 7-15 years old.

Learn Fencing Camp
June 24-28th, July 22-26th
All fencing camps meet Mon-Fri 12:30 – 3:30pm  Fee $185
Introduces beginners to the Olympic sport of fencing. Fencing develops agility, stamina, and coordination.
Kids will learn the basic movement, attacks and defense of modern sword-play! All equipment provided.  For kids 7-14 years old

Medieval Action Camp

June 24-28th,  July 22-26th
All fencing camps meet Mon-Fri 9am – 12noon  Fee $185
Learn about life and warfare in Medieval Europe! Your child will learn archery, fencing and build their own shield.
The camp will culminate in a cool “Robin Hood” style archery and fencing competition. **All equipment provided** For kids 7-14 years old